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Fibercryst was established in 2003 to supply the photonics community with services and products ranging from single crystal material to industrial lasers.

Single Crystal Fiber (SCF) technology was pioneered by Fibercryst in cooperation with Lyon University in France. This innovative technology gave birth to new concepts and devices in the fields of detectors for high energy physics and lasers.

In 2010, Fibercryst patented an innovative device for the laser industry and research: the Taranis high power laser gain module. This product and its applications were developed in close collaboration with the Laboratoire Charles Fabry of Institut d’Optique. Strong of 8 years of partnership, of numerous international papers and several patents, the collaboration between Fibercryst and the LCFIO results in a worldwide leadership in short pulse laser amplification based on SCF technology.
In 2015, Fibercryst announced its first short pulse laser source with an architecture based on the Taranis laser gain module.


The current product line serves a large variety of customers and applications.

  • The Taranis laser gain module is well suited for laser users and manufacturers who want to increase the output of their existing laser by integrating this component.
  • The Taranis amplifier is a stand alone amplifier for laser users who want to easily and quickly increase the energy of their laser without launching an engineering profgram to integrate the Taranis module. The product can be set and align in front of a laser and immediately be used.
  • The industrial Femto laser provides short pulses for research and industrial applications in the femtosecond regime. Picosecond laser using SCF technology have also been demonstrated and can be produced upon request.

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