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Taranis Laser Gain Module

Single Crystal Fiber (SCF)

Fibercryst pioneered Single Crystal Fiber (SCF) technology, the best solution for short pulse amplification; it is used throughout its product lines. 

A (SCF) is a single-crystal with a long length, a small diameter and attractive light guiding properties.  Single crystal fibers are typically 1 mm in diameter and 30 to 50 mm long and generally produced in Nd:YAG or Yb:YAG. 

In a SCF amplifier, the pump beam is focused In a 400 µm diameter spot near the crystal fiber input. The highly divergent beam is then guided by total internal reflection and refocused again in the gain medium. The laser beam is unguided through the crystal, like in a classical rod, with a typical diameter of 400 µm at 1/e². The high refractive index of the crystal naturally limits the divergence of the beam. 




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SCF amplifier

Single Crystal Fibers are perfectly suited for MOPA (Master Oscillator Power Amplifier); as an example Yb:YAG SCF gain modules produced by Fibercryst were pumped up to 600 W at 940 nm without damage, far above the typical pumping level of usual bulk crystals. 


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Taranis Module

Fibercryst and the CNRS-IOGS lab developed a technology to integrate the crystal fiber directly into a metallic mount to achieve efficient cooling of the SCF up to several hundreds Watts of pump power.  The resulting Taranis module exhibits a thermal exchange coefficient up to 5 W/cm²/K, 5 times better than classical indium pressed solutions



The Taranis module by Fibercryst is a unique solution to provide high peak power and high energy amplification using a simple and compact design:

  • Conservation of seed laser signal quality, M² and polarization
  • Efficient cooling
  • Product protected with 3 international patents.


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Taranis Laser Gain Module


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