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The Ultrafast_Razipol project proposes to demonstrate laser material processing at unprecedented levels of productivity and precision using beams with radial and/or azimuthal polarization. The objectives are to achieve high productivity at high levels of precision and quality.

Ultrafast_Razipol comprises two laser technology research and development Centres (Universität Stuttgart, Institut für Strahlwerkzeuge and French National Center for Scientific Research - Laboratoire Charles Fabry), five SME industrial partners and a laser process research institute (SLV M-V GmbH). The consortium is well balanced in comprising four partners providing the necessary expertise in laser sources, ultrafast technology and power-scaling (University of Stuttgart, Institut für Strahlwerkzeuge, French National Center for Scientific Research - Laboratoire Charles Fabry, Lumentum and FIB) and four partners (GFH GmbH, Next Scan Technology, Class 4 Laser Professionals AG, and SLV M-V GmbH) providing the necessary expertise in machines, optics and laser process development.


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The goal of the ECLAIR project, funded by the ANR and DGA, is to develop new laser sources for the ingnition of reactors at high altitude.

The project partners are the LOMA (Bordeaux), the ONERA (Toulouse) and Fibercryst.

In this project, Fibercryst developped a high energy sub-ns amplifier to reach a few mJ energy at 1064 nm.

The project achieved good results, demonstrating ignition in R&D reactor simulating high altitude conditions.


The picture below displayes the plasma achieved in air with the ECLAIR laser source.


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