Who are we ?


• 11 employees

• 2 Laser clean room ISO 5 and ISO 6

•  Taranis production line



Fibercryst’s solutions are aimed at small and medium sized companies wishing to move towards femtosecond solutions, at integrators and manufacturers of special machines, as well as at scientific laboratories.
The strength of Fibercryst, given its size and history, is the customization of the solution to sharply meet the needs of its customers.


Unique, Proprietary & Patented Laser Amplifier (TARANIS)

•  More than 200 TARANIS delivered so far

•  Robust and proven technology (power & beam quality)


Femtosecond Laser Series

•  Industrial FEMTO30 (30W) laser released

•  Industrial FEMTO100 (100W) in preparation

•  FEMTO200 (200W) demonstrated in our lab


High Skilled Technical Team (3 PhD in Laser Physics)

•  Outstanding technical support

•  High level innovation


Internal skills

We have internal services in which all the skills required to ensure the steps ranging from R&D to laser production are represented. Our expertise is distributed between the following specialization areas :

•  Taranis modules production

•  R&D and laser industrialization

•  Electronic

•  Mechanical design

•  Laser production